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Making Finder use embedded JPG thumbnail for preview

I do know that macOS has a crippled help of HEIF recordsdata, as a result of it will possibly’t open these with a bit depth > 8 bits:

Why cannot Preview Export 16-bit HEIC pictures?

Really I’ve 16 bits HEIF recordsdata that macOS doesn’t correctly deal with: clean previews within the Finder and never rendered by Preview (they’re rendered as a blue blob). Information are tremendous since I can open them with Gimp.

Now I’ve tried to embed JPEG EXIF thumbnails inside them (thumbnails are correctly created as a result of I can re-extract them with exiftool) anticipating at the very least the Finder to make use of them, however nothing modified. Is it attainable to pressure it ultimately? I suppose this has to do with Highlight, however I actually do not know it sufficient.

As a reference, that is the command I used to transform HEIF recordsdata from TIFF:

convert "file.tiff[0]" -quality 90 "file.heif"

And that is the command used to embed thumbnails:

convert -thumbnail 2000x2000 -quality 70 -profile srgb file.heif jpeg:- | exiftool "-ThumbnailImage<=-" file.heif

convert is from ImageMagick in fact.

I am working macOS Monterey 12.6.7.




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