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Vermont Farm // A brand new starting

Vermont Farm // A brand new starting





The fantastic thing about this land is breathtaking. Pristine mountains shelter the valley on the west, and the mighty Connecticut River flows to the east. We’ve managed to clear one other 25 acres of land this previous tree season, so there can be extra land to place into cowl crop in anticipation of the vegetable manufacturing to come back in 2024. Our days are stuffed with plans for greenhouses and a brand new wash/pack barn. It’s been 29 years since we began farming, however it’s by no means been on our personal land and we’ve by no means had the prospect to construct infrastrure that actually matches our wants. It’s no marvel that we’re agonizing over the proper design of the ground drainage system, the detailing of the frost wall and the brand new greenhouse plastic snow hundreds. We wish to get this proper. XO Maggie & Matt



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